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Completing a film requires careful consideration of multiple variables, including complex digital image processes. My role is to manage the digital imaging, aiming for high-end results and ensuring the timely completion of your film.


Color Grading

Color Grading

Enhance your story with skilled color grading

When grading, the ultimate goal is to create a visually engaging picture that amplifies the core message and emotion of your film.

Look development
Proficiency in color grading tools
SDR and HDR color management
LUT creation
Visual consistency
Image texture: grain, halation, bloom

Digital Intermediate

Digital Intermediate

Streamline complex processes

Developing and optimizing digital imaging workflows to enhance efficiency, productivity, and data integrity throughout the post-production processes.

Editorial - Conforming
Strong communication skills and teamwork
Color pipeline supervision
Image retouching: de-noise, stabilization
VFX pulls
Quality control
Delivery: IMF, DCP, ProRes

Digital Image Technician

Digital Image Technician

Filmed with passion

I'm the go-to expert for on-set discussions regarding technical digital imaging and crafting the desired image look.

Live grade
In-depth knowledge of digital cameras & codecs
Efficient data and storage management
Sound synchronisation & dailies transcoding
Metadata handling

My Core Toolkit

DaVinci Resolve

Avid Media Composer

Adobe Premiere & After Effects

The Foundry Hiero

Silverstack Lab


Frequently asked questions

What kind of projects do you work on more often?

My focus is on documentary films, feature films and advertising.

What is the typical process you follow?

I believe that flexibility and adaptability are crucial in achieving exceptional results. While each project may have unique requirements, the following steps should be taken: understanding your vision, setting clear goals, creating a schedule, gathering all necessary assets and preparing the project, grading, incorporating feedback and making revisions, and delivering the final product.

What software do you use?

The main tools that I use are DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, The Foundry Hiero, Silverstack Lab, and Shotgun.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Berlin-Germany and I’m available to work worldwide, remotely or on-site.

How do you ensure constant, clear, and effective communication with clients?

I strongly believe that for a project to move forward at a good pace, communication needs to be fluid and fast. That's why I ensure a maximum of 24-hour response time to emails. For feedback, I use, and for scheduling and meetings, I prefer Microsoft Teams.

What is your typical availability?

This also depends on your specific needs. Once an agreement is reached I can potentially focus at 100% on your project.

What are your commercial agreements?

I work with two types of commercial agreements.

Per project: I offer different packages depending on the type and needs of the project.
Flexible retainer: billed by the exact amount of hours needed to finish the project.

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